Our Performance Parts Create Your Own Custom Car

We manufacture our own custom performance parts here at Black Eagle Racing

Are you looking for that rare performance part or one of our custom parts? Adding performance parts to your muscle car will set it apart from others in its class. Black Eagle Racing builds and installs custom performance parts for classic cars like yours. Our one-of-a-kind parts are the key ingredients to building a muscle car that dominates the track and the open road.

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Incorporate exclusive parts into your vehicle

Incorporate exclusive parts into your vehicle

Adding performance parts to your vehicle will give you an intense, active driving experience. At Black Eagle Racing, we manufacture all our performance parts to create a unique upgrade to your powertrain. Some of our popular performance parts include:

  • Motor mounts
  • Cylinder heads
  • Alternator brackets
  • Timing covers
  • Filter housing gaskets
  • Headlight bezels
  • Cooling systems
Drive a car that will stand out at the show and the track. Make an appointment with Black Eagle Racing today to install performance parts on your vehicle.

Performance Parts Available

Oil Filter Gasket

The most important aspect of making an FE live is the oiling system, so the first step is to modify the galleys and upgrade to the 'CJ' oil filter adaptor. The only issue here is the factory supplied gasket for the adaptor does not match the orifices, so we manufacture a gasket that matches exactly to the ports and won't chafe into the oil. You can see the difference between ours and the stock gasket shown here and how it mates perfectly to the housing.

Cylinder Heads

There are so many high performance cylinder heads for the 427 Fords to choose from, but we noticed how limited they are for the more accessible and less expensive smaller bore engines like the 390 and even 428. So we decided to create or own CNC program to allow massive HP's while not giving up on velocity and street driveability. These cylinder heads have it all, CJ 74cc combustion chambers with medium-riser style intake ports, 16 bolt exhaust flanges and flow just over 300cfm @ 28" and without having to go over .600" lift camshafts saving wear and tear on valve train. The exhaust, intake and combustion chamber areas are all CNC'd and then hand polished for maximum effect.

Fender Extension

The iconic 66 Mercury Cyclone is an obvious choice for alot of Ford racing enthusiasts including myself, however you can't help but notice the fender extension/headlight bezels are extremely heavy, almost 50 lbs, so we created an alternative, and impact plastic molded extension that is an EXACT replica, right down to the part number stampings and all chrome, screws and attached hardware to replace the original but come in at just 20 oz instead pounds!